A Few Things to Do After Buying a Used RV


When it comes to purchasing any used travel trailer or motorhome, “let the buyer beware!” You should always enter every sale assuming that the seller is acting in good faith and disclosing all known service issues, but you should also remember that any problems discovered after the sale will be yours to deal with. Most private RV sales are “as is” with no implied or stated warranty from the seller. The RV might still have parts and components that are still under factory warranty, but you owe it to yourself to do your diligence before taking delivery. Be sure to also trust your instincts on any deal that doesn’t feel right. Here are a few things you should do after you get your “new to you” RV home to make sure your first road trip is a great one. To learn more, visit San Antonio RVs in Seguin and Spring Branch, Texas. We’re your RV headquarters in San Antonio, TX.

Flush Your Tanks

You’re going to want to clean and disinfect your RV’s water system right away. Remove the drain plug from the freshwater and greywater holding tanks and run plenty of warm water through your system. If there’s any limescale or other sediment in the tank, you’ll want to free it up before you replace the plugs and add some bleach or detergent. Allow the mixture to sit for 15-30 minutes and then rinse with the warmest water possible until the water drains clear.

Check Your Cabinet Hardware

Be sure to check all your latches and drawer pulls and tighten them up as needed. Loose cabinet hardware can make a lot of racket on the road. Be sure all of your cabinet and refrigerator door latches are secure, and that all of your vents are functioning properly. You can’t always assume that the previous seller changed the air filters before selling the RV, but they’re inexpensive to replace.

Get a Professional Brake Inspection

Even if you’re a seasoned shadetree mechanic, you need to schedule a complete brake inspection to make sure that there are no worn parts. RVs sit idle for long periods of time, and a motivated seller might not have performed routine maintenance. In some cases, they might not have even used the RV at all. Be sure to also remember that motorhome tires need to be replaced every 7 years, even if they still have good visible tread.

For more information and to see our current inventory of new and pre-owned RVs for sale, visit San Antonio RVs in Seguin and Spring Branch, Texas. We serve RV lovers in San Antonio, TX.

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