Summer Time Fun Time

Summer has arrived so you know what that means!, family trips in your new RV! motorhomes are your vacation homes on the road. It’s great traveling in your new RV to vacation in great cities such as San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos and everywhere in between. RV’s are growing in popularity with those broke college students. Instead of paying for hotels and costly room service, you can now let your kids take the RV to the coast, send them with those yummy homeade dishes that you know they are capable of reheating in the motohome’s microwave! If they want to get fancy in their RV there is always the handy dandy oven. No need to worry about plane delays, hotel expenses or busy restaurants; let your kids enjoy the coast 24/7 with no interruptions or worries of getting into trouble

Vacations in your RV make memories for a lifetime. Whether you take your motorhome touring through the hill country of San Antonio, visitng the infamous seaworld, six flags and outdoor shopping centers or taking your RV out to the old german town of New Braunfels, tasting traditional german dishes, cooling off at schlitterbahn or going out on the town for the night in gruene. Why not even take your motorhome out of good ole San Antonio and travel across the country to all the tourist hot spots. Whether you’re looking to travel in your new motorhome on the outskirts of San Antonio, or venture far, South Texas Fun Center was definitely the place to shop for new or used RV’s. It was like walking through a candy store with my family. Walking into the RV’s we got to explore all the cool features and see what fit for our needs. I recommend if you are looking for that summer getaway in a new motorhome, head out to seguin and pick out the perfect RV for you and your family. You’ll never want to travel any other way again. You not only save money investing in an RV for the family but you get to avoid jet lag and busy airports. Instead of paying for those stale crackers and movies on the plane, pop in a casserole for lunch on the road and pop in some movies in the back for your tired and restless children. Enjoy your rides in your new motorhome by sitting back, relaxing and enjoying all of the cool features motorhomes have to offer. Get out of San Antonio, New Braunfels, seguin or wherever you are stuck living your everyday life and start living in a new world of adventure in your new motorhome bringing your family together.

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