Tips for the New RV Owner


Purchasing an RV can be an exciting experience. You can take your new RV out on the road with family and friends. With your RV, you are able to explore different parks and make new friends at different campsites. When you become an RV owner, though, there are some things to consider. Located in Seguin and Spring Branch, Texas, San Antonio RVs has a selection of RVs, and we serve San Antonio, Texas.

Choose a Local Dealer

Finding a good deal can be a motivating factor for purchasing an RV despite the distance of the dealer. However, it is better to find an RV dealer that is close to you. When you need to service or winterize your RV, it can be convenient to have a dealer close by.

Figure Out What Kind of Campsite You Prefer

As you start camping with your RV, you will start to notice that there are different types of campgrounds. Basically, you have public and private campgrounds. Federal, state, or local governments usually own public campgrounds.

Public campgrounds are usually large and have a limited amount of hookups and amenities. As for private campgrounds, they are usually owned by families and/or businesses. Many times, these sites have full hookups and a lot of amenities.

Make a Reservation for a Pull-Thru Site

Learning to back up your RV quickly is a necessary skill that is not that difficult to learn. However, reserving a pull-thru site for your first trip may be more convenient. With a pull-thru site, you can pull in with one road and pull out with another one. Although they may not be as attractive as back-in sites, you can navigate them easier.

Avoid Night Driving for Now

If you are unfamiliar with towing or driving an RV, it may take time to feel comfortable with it. In this case, you should avoid night driving until you are more comfortable with navigating your RV.

When you drive in the daytime, it makes things easier especially when you are pulling into a campground. Trying to set up your campsite at night, especially when you have not done it before, can be difficult.

Becoming an RV owner can lend itself to many opportunities. However, there are some things you may want to think about. Choosing a local dealer can be convenient for you should you need help with your RV. You also want to figure out what kind of campsites you would like to visit. Choose a pull-thru site for your first trip. Avoid night driving the first few times you go on a trip. If you are shopping for an RV, you can visit us at San Antonio RVs in Seguin and Spring Branch, Texas. We also serve San Antonio, Texas.

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