3 Great Uses For Toy Haulers


If you want a really versatile and useful RV, it’s hard to go wrong with a toy hauler. You may think that these trailers are only used by powersports enthusiasts and those who participate in extreme outdoor sports and need the rugged cargo bay for storing their dirt bikes or quads, but the truth is that toy haulers are more than that. You can make use of the cargo bay in many different ways, and we’ve chosen three to highlight below.

1. For Mobile Work

A toy hauler is a very practical choice for someone who works and needs to be at many different spots around the state. Set up a mobile office in the cargo bay when you need to get some work done, then pack up and head to the next locale.

2. As a Crafting Retreat

Many folks have hobbies and they can take up a lot of space and require a lot of quiet focus. You could use the cargo bay of your toy hauler as a place to set up a table for working on your crafts, whatever they may be. You could even take the trailer out to a secluded spot that lets you work on your writing, photography, painting or other hobby.

3. To Haul Antiques

Are you a fiend for cool vintage finds? What if you didn’t have to worry about shipping back a precious item or trying to find space for it in your car, because you’ve got a whole cargo space that’s readily available for use? Wrap up that gorgeous settee or dresser in blankets and tuck it in the back of your toy hauler to take it home without any trouble.

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