Should You Still Winterize Your RV in Central Texas, Yes!


The holidays have begun and this year, family gatherings are back! This also means the winter weather is here which can affect the way we travel. Some of us, like our amazing team at San Antonio RVs, enjoy a good road trip. Family and friends together in their RV make for the perfect getaway! Some holiday vacations however require a plane ride. And if those trips are extended and keep you away from your RV, it might be time to consider preparing your RV for the cold weather and winterizing it.

Protect Your Investment

Your RV is more than just a weekend toy. If you’ve made an RV purchase, you’ve made an investment in your future as an RV can be something that you decide to spend your retirement traveling the country in. It’s also an investment in your family as your San Antonio RV serves as the perfect way to maintain that family bond and closeness on vacation. It’s also incredibly convenient! Leaving your investment lying dormant, however, can lead to the need for RV repairs down the road. To prevent any serious issues, we recommend winterizing your RV during the cooler months while it’s not in use.

There’s quite a bit that goes into winterizing your San Antonio RV. When it comes to storing your RV for the winter, some of your to-do’s will include: draining and flushing the black and gray tanks; draining the fresh tank; opening internal faucets, showers, and toilets; and draining and flushing the water heater, just to name a few.

It may sound like a bit of work but this RV maintenance is definitely a necessity to keep your San Antonio RV in optimum condition. If this RV service sounds like it might be a bit of an undertaking, we’re here to help! Our San Antonio RV repair services include preparing your RV for the winter, protecting it from unexpected RV repairs when you’re ready to get it back on the road.

Winterizing Your RV in Central Texas

It’s no secret that winters in Texas are very hit or miss. Sometimes they’re pretty cold, sometimes the weather is a bit mild. We can’t always be sure what our winters will look like, which is exactly why it’s important to winterize your San Antonio RV when the weather begins to cool down and you know your RV won’t be in use. The same way freezing weather bursts home pipes, it bursts pipes in your San Antonio RV. Should this happen, RV repairs will become necessary. Our San Antonio RV repair shop can handle the necessary repairs however, our goal is to help you prevent them.

If you’re planning on doing some traveling this winter but leaving your San Antonio RV at home, give us a call to discuss avoiding unnecessary RV repairs by preparing your RV for the winter. And if you need help, our RV service department can perform this RV service for you! We’re ready to help you protect your investment – contact us  for winterization or any San Antonio RV repair service!

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